Normal blood glucose levels for adults


Blood glucose level is regulated by pancreas. If pancreas gets damaged (diabetes) this may lead to problems where body cannot regulate blood glucose levels anymore. In such case, patient is diagnosed with diabetes, type 2.

Type 2 is most common type of diabetes and affects more than 90 percent of all patients, suffering from diabetes. Type 1 diabetes affects the other 10 percent (usually younger people as oposed to diabetes type 2 which affects older people of 45 years or more).

How to regulate blood glucose levels?

Cinnamon and coffee are a well known blood glucose regulators, although these two foods are no magic cure for increased blood sugar levels. It is important to point out that diabetes is (for now) a condition which cannot be reversed or cured. A normal blood sugar level is between 3.6 and 5.8 mmol/l (65 and 105 mg/dl) for a healthy person altough these values may vary a bit.

Its symptoms can only be reversed, the disease itself is not reversible. So, once you are diagnosed with diabetes, either type 1 or type 2, you must adapt your lifestyle accordingly to keep the quality of life like you had before. If no changes are made (no changes in diet and lifestlye) you might suffer consequences very soon.

Broccoli, Spinach, and Green Beans are also very good neutralizers of blood glucose. In general, it is important to consume foods that contain low amounts of carbohydrates as carbohydrates will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels.


Always pay attention to blood sugar levels. If too high, this may indicate pre-diabetes or diabetes. If unsure you should consult with your personal doctor.


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