Living a healthy life

…takes effort. People think that when they’re fat it’s their genetics fault. It isn’t. It’s their fault only. No one gets fat because of genetics. It’s our modern lifestyle that causes obesity. People sit all day and don’t move at all. We drive to work, drive back home, take the elevator to apartment and take the elevator to the office. No moving. And this is bad.

Working out is the key

If we don’t exercise all the extra calories we didn’t burn will be stored as extra fat. And you know well that extra fat isn’t happy when you try to get rid of it. It will just not go away. The key is to burn extra calories we’ve consumed, or not consuming that extra calories. But people love to eat more than they should. Carbohydrates make them happy. Carbohydrates are drugs. It’s sugar our bodies crave for. It’s important that we eat the proper amount of calories per day. How many calories should you eat per day? That depends. How tall are you? What is your weight? Are you active / do you do sports? What’s your gender? As you can see question how much calories do we need per day isn’t so simple to answer.

Use BMR calculator to calculate calorie consumption

There is a shortcut to find out this number and this involves using a BMR calculator.

BMR stands for basal metabolic rate and tells you how much calories should you eat per day if you didn’t do anything at all. In other words – if you would sit on a chair for whole day you would only need that much calories as your BMR value is. So if your BMR is 2000 calories that means that by eating 2000 calories per day and living a normal life you would not gain weight at this calorie rate. Simply because your BMR is not your whole daily calorie consumption. Walking around, sitting down, standing up, etc also burns energy. But you can safely assume that (if you are not active at all), your daily calorie consumption is BMR plus 20 percent. So for a person whos BMR is 2000 calories per day an actual calorie consumption would be somewhere around 2400 calories (that is if he or she isn’t active – does not do any sports).

Update: new BMR calculator is available for test. BMR calculator is for testing only.


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