Normal blood sugar levels chart

Blood sugar levels fluctuate. After every meal or food we ingest, blood sugar either spikes or rises slowly. It mostly depends on glycemic index of a specific food whether blood sugar will rise quickly or more slowly. The higher the glycemic index (also known as GI), the faster will blood sugar spike. Typical food with high glycemic index is chocolate. After consuming a piece of chocolate pancreas must produce a lot of insuline to balance blood sugar levels to a normal level.

Is it okay if sugar levels rise quickly? Usually this is a bad thing as this has negative effects on the body. In some cases a quick rise in blood sugar levels is positive and has positive effects on the body. Consult a blood sugar levels chart to see which levels of blood sugar are normal, low or high.

High levels of BS may indicate early stage of diabetes, also known as pre-diabetes, but this is not always the case. Not always a patient is diagnosed with diabetes.

Remember to eat foods with low glycemic index (whole-grain foods) to avoid getting your pancrease damaged because of the constant work (secretion of insulin).

Once you get ill and suffer from diabetes there is no way back. This condition in chronical and will not go away. The only thing you can do is to revert the symptoms.


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