Body mass index BMI chart

This is no surprise that obese children and adolescents are already showing signs of potential heart issues.

This is the future generation we have on our hands; one of these children could be President of the United States in the future. So what does this mean?

People should strive to be the best they can be, and eating well and getting a sufficient amount of exercise is needed to do this. Whose fault is it that about 17% of the children and teenagers ages 1-19 are obese?

Here is a BMI chart for your reference and a BMI calculator tool to help you calculate your body mass index.

We could point fingers at marketing agencies for stating how the front of the cereal box states “whole grains!” but the very first ingredient is sugar, and how something might be “all-natural” when it has ingredients that no one can pronounce.

Also, in the United States, our fancy pumpkin spice lattes have a much larger amount of sugar than the same drink in England. Many store bought items in America have trans-fat in them, which is completely unnecessary to the body. Labels are allowed to put “0 grams of trans-fat” even if there is 0.5 grams in the serving. The most a person should have in one day is 0.5 grams, so it can add up quickly.

Parents especially need to be aware of certain words related to trans-fat as well as simple education about nutrition. Many of us need to take a step back from our busy lives and seek what’s actually important – our health.

Having been obese, I don’t think it is healthy at all. It made my LDL cholesterol go way up and my HDL to go way down and caused other problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, when I was a child, all I had to do was to exercise a lot and I would always lose weight. This was when I was on the swim team. I was obese for years in my adult years and finally in my late 40’s I got a grip on it. I started riding my bike everyday as well as moderated my caloric intake and I got my weight much further down than it had ever been for years. This way, I lost about 95 pounds.

My LDL went so far down, that I could stop taking Statin drugs and my HDL got very high- over 70, when it had been less than 20. Since going into maintenance four years ago, I have cut out all animal flesh and high fat dairy as well as cutting down on sweets and my cholesterol numbers have continued to improve- my LDL continues to fall, as well as my trigycerides. I even dropped an additional 10 pounds without increasing my exercise or decreasing my caloric intake level. I still exercise everyday, however. I do eat a lot of nuts everyday. I think these are much healthier than the saturated animal fat- and I do believe it shows in my numbers. Saturated animal fat tends to raise LDL levels. The MUFAS in nuts and seeds tends to lower LDL cholesterol, as well as raise HDL. My glucose levels are also dropping very gradually, even though I eat whole grains such as oats regularly.

Rather than vilifying young obese people with this sort of analytic stuff, it would be better for mankind to realize that there are different types of people in the world, and no amount of data analysis is going to change that fact. Nobody knows how come there is a nearly world-wide trend towards people being obese, but it would be better to realize that the statistical norm has now changed rather than constantly beret these people with nearly useless health information.

Constant dieting and new chemical manipulations of obese people’s physiology is unlikely to make them live longer, and these approaches are almost certain to add to their denigration and misery in the social world. Can we re-think how we look at mankind, please? Stop vilifying fat people. Start accepting them.


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