Would you change your sleeping position if your doctor would tell you to?

How is your sleep lately?

Do you have problems falling asleep? This may be the case because of poor sleeping position. Poor gesture during sleep may affect your general health significantly. Don’t allow that to happen.

What can you do?

Fist of all, think about it. Do you sleep enough? Do you drink enough? Eat enough? If all answers are yes then you can ask yourself this – do you have a good mattress? If not – you should get one. You can probably buy one online on Amazon or Ebay cheap.
The trick is to sleep in perfect position. This way your spine will not have problems adapting. Otherwise you might have problems. And you don’t wan that to happen. This hurts, believe me.

Which do you suggest?

I do not have any particular in mind. Otherwise it would look like we’re trying to sell something here. We are not. I would just like to point out that sleep and your posture is very important. Nothing new, actually. But you have been warn. Many mid or late life problems are the consequence of poor sleep and poor gesture.

Start tonight!

You can adapt your sleeping position tonight already. First, analyze it. Are you doing it wrong? Then change your sleeping position. It will be hard at fist, but at the end you will be very thankful that you’ve listened to my advice. It is never to late to do something good for your health anyway. Remember this.


No matter if you are 15, 25, 35 or 60 years old. It is never too late to improve your health, right? You can start tonight with adapting your sleep position. Also, while you are at it – you can also change the position of your bed. Make it facing the North. It will allow you to sleep pretty much better. This is no hoax.


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