How to get rid of love handles for good?

Love handles, they don’t look good

They sure don’t. Men actually prefer love handles as they claim that it looks very hot on women. Women, on the other hand, disagree as they say that this is what makes them look fat. What are love handles anyway and why the pun name? Love handles is accumulated body fat, located on the back where liver is. The fat accumulates fast and forms a round shape, giving the typical appearance of handles. They sure do appear quickly, however to get rid of love handles takes a lot of time. Many will give up in the process and this is wrong.

See below chart for more information

women man love handles visible?
15% 10% no
25% 15% no
35% 20% barely
40% 25% or more yes

In this table – body fat percentage at which love handles are usually visible:

Get rid of love handles in 4 different ways

As you might have guessed it, it takes a lot of time to get rid of love handles. One must exercise and eat at caloric deficit, forcing your body to obtain needed energy from stored fat. For optimum fat loss I suggest performing exercise at proper heart rate.

There are several different ways of how to get rid of love handles, some might work well, some might not. Eat less is really hard for some. As some people pointed out, there are a lot of things that we are hard wired to want more than it is good for us. I don’t see how food addiction is a lot further from that. I don’t believe that people can’t make a choice to limit their food intake or to take the initiative to do some physical exercise to keep themselves healthy.

I had been fortunate that I never had to worry about my weight until about two years ago, at age 38, when I noticed that I can gain weight easily if I am not mindful. With extra weight comes love handles. So now I take two very simple steps: One, I lower the portion of my daily meals (not restrict any type of food, I even have chocolates regularly in small portions, so that I won’t fall into the pit that is occasional binging); Two, I walk two miles at a good speed everyday on my way to and from work. This may not be ideal for everyone, but I am just trying to point out that even without spending hours at the gym or cutting out all carbohydrate from diet or taking similar drastic measures, one can achieve some level of control.

love handles

Love handles or muffin top.

Buying your own produce and cooking daily meals from scratch probably are a big help, and this practice is also cheaper than eating out, even at fast food places. I just refuse to believe that we have no control over our weight. Read more about losing weight on proper way here.

Alternative way

There is another approach that I found worth pursuing. Rather than focus on all the bad habits the obese people have, perhaps it would be more productive to focus on what good habits the “normal” sized folks have and attempt to emulate them. It’s not all that complicated. Clearly avoiding processed foods is key. Now all we have to do is take on that PAC. Yikes. At the end of the day, isn’t it always “just follow the money trail” and you’ll find the root of the problem? It is the same with love handles.

It is not easy to get rid of love handles, but in the end it is really worth it.

Sugar kills, but not always

Sugar is poison. If people just ate much less fructose and sucrose, their livers would start functioning better, and correct appetites would return. Sucrose is processed in the liver the same way that ethanol is. This is why children fed a constant stream of soda, sports drinks, and even juice can have “beer guts.” With elder people this results in formation of love handles.

I would suggest you to cut sucrose/fructose out of your diet, but keep other carbs and even drink whole milk. This way you could lose 20 pounds in three months. You will feel great, and full after eating about half as much as I used to. It is important to point out that will lower calorie intake you will also get rid of love handles. Not for good, but still.


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