Tropical landscape design for country house

If designing landscape design is what you are after than I would suggest you to take a look at this tropical landscape designs.

Why planning tropical landscape designs?

Your backyard does not have to be boring. Get creative and never stop dreaming. Your garden will be beautiful if you plan it carefully.

If you are dreaming of tropical countries, islands and plants than read on. If that’s the case with you, be sure to add this spring your garden will feature a few exotic plants to care for a tropical feel.

However, as not all plants can withstand our cold winter, it will be necessary in many cases, to plant them in flower pots or flower buckets to stow them during the cold season in a warm can. We want to show you in this sense some dreamlike garden ideas that will ensure that you will feel at any time as a holiday. You will be equal to warmer already at the sole sight of the plants on your tropical landscape garden.

Continue reading about tropical landscape designs below.

Already in this first example of our garden ideas is to recognize what a unique impression can make a garden with tropical plants. Here, the variation of a vertical garden was used, which was achieved on one hand by climbing plants on the wall and on the other by different high plants.

If you want high plants in your garden, you can choose a hardy plant that is also winterized. One of our garden ideas about the bamboo. Here, however, you should rely on a species that grows slowly and does not spread to other areas. In this example you can see the gold tube bamboo, which is noticeable especially well against the white wall.

To underline the tropical feeling in your garden, you can perfectly use an appropriate lighting. All you need to install them only in front of the chosen plants and they illuminate with indirect light. This garden is an example of such a striking garden ideas.


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