Septum piercing dangers and healing time

Are you wondering whether septum piercing is safe or dangerous? Truth be told no such procedure is 100% safe. There’s always an option that something goes wrong. Why? Because septum piercing is a procedure which involves piercing the flesh and bleeding of a person.

Septum piercing pain

Some pain might arise during such procedure. Septum piercing pain is somewhat normal for few months after the surgery. Your body needs to recover from the shock in order to heal completely. The pain will be more intense after the surgery, but should balance out each week gradually. Do not panic if septum piercing pain is still present after weeks – if there are no other complications you just need to give time the time.

According to the instructions are as follows:

The needle should pierce the fleshy part at the front of your nose, known as the columella, or the sweet spot. Most people find that this type of piercing hurts somewhat, but the pain is bearable.

The main thing here is to bear with the pain and take an Aspirin, if the pain becomes unbearable. But if you really want to you can check out this thread.

My advice to you is if you are scared of the pain easily than don’t do the piercing. There are other methods to stand out of the crowd, including fake septum piercing, or other fake body jewellery.


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