Splendid grey bathroom ideas

Renovating your bathroom? Go for grey!

Grey is the color to be. Whether you are renovating your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, grey is always the color that cannot miss. That is why grey bathroom ideas are very handy when redesigning your bathroom. Grey, golden and dark blue are all considered splendid colors. For starters you can select grey lockers and grey bath and sink. Additional ideas are the following.

The interior design ideas for bathrooms start with the color selection. Trendy colors are currently blue, pink, purple and green. Orange and yellow can act cheerful room, while black and white combinations for minimalist and classic facilities are suitable. Total in trend are the pastel colors. Small bathroom with no windows will benefit from light, neutral colors. Glanzvollle mosaic tiles mirror reflected the light and let the interior act glamorous.

Grey Bathroom Design

The exciting interior design ideas for bathroom are refreshed by matching decoration. Also in the bathroom you need decoration. Whether maritime look, or cool rustic accents is related to the interior design style in the bathroom. Do you agree decorating with the color scheme from – neutral bathrooms can be refreshed by rustic wooden elements. Wall stickers create exciting contrasts in bathrooms with classic or modern look. Fresh flowers are wonderful addition to purist bathrooms, while floral patterns fit on the wall Vintage / Shabby Chic facilities.

Bathroom equipment STYLE – RETRO

In recent years, the trend of the 70s has successfully enforced. Plaid, stripes and bird motifs on the wall are increasingly to be found in the bathroom. The eclectic mix of different styles bring out the best from every style and offers surprisingly chic combinations.

Bathroom equipment STYLE – MODERN

The modern bathroom is characterized by tasteful color combinations. The minimalist trend for clear lines is underlined by beautiful designer furniture made of wood and metal. Modern is a word with many faces – often is the choice of materials and the color scheme is a matter of taste. Lately, bases its success tends to combine modern and eclectic.


Heart.org, an American Heart Association

As we all know heart.com is an American Heart Association’s that puts most efforts in reducing death caused by heart disease and stroke. They strive to put knowledge out there in order to help people live a healthier life by providing useful advice and experience.

How can you help too?

You can join the site and share in your experience. The registration is open and free for all. If you had stroke in the past and survived it your should definitely join and help others. At the end of the day stroke can be fatal and all advice you can share is useful to people who are in critical group (males, over the age of 50 with a history of stroke).

International Earth day

Today is international Earth day. There are many pictures of different places found on NY times.
Nearly 20 million Americans attended the first Earth Day celebration on April 22, 1970, to this day among the most participatory political actions in the nation’s history. In the decades since, Earth Day has spread across the globe with thousands of events in more than 180 countries.
So this celebration is now 44 years old and every year more people realize that Earth is ours to keep and preserve. Human race has no right to claim Earth for itself as animals live on this planet, too.
We must act smarter than this!